At MagnumMeta, we take pride in the knowledge that all our users regardless of their chosen package become one of our esteemed partners. While our educational resources are a big attraction, this partnership extends beyond that and offers a rich assortment of benefits. From becoming a voting member of our Decentralized Autonomous Organization to unlocking true business and educational potential through our limitless metaverse, you’ll get the opportunity to leverage our resources and realize your true potential all while earning tangible rewards along the way.

This is the future of learning and growth: you get paid to advance your interests, and consequently, those of your fellow MagnumMeta partners. That’s because the limitless power of blockchain allows us to collaborate in previously unimaginable ways.



It is an introductory package for aspiring entrepreneurs, the best starting point for individuals who want to launch, manage and grow a new enterprise.



This package is for those who are ready to get up to speed on web development, this is a complete package that takes you from beginner to advance level.



This package includes practical lessons to amplify your branding and supercharge your productivity. This intense course is designed for both established executives and startups.



Take your programming skills to the next level. It is a full course for advance programmers and a combination of all 3 lower packages.



This package is designed for leaders who desire to acquire one of the most sort after skills “Ethical Hacking”. It is a dynamic program offered by MagnumMeta.



Unlock the power of YieldMax without any upfront course purchase. Our Free Plan gives you access to the incredible world of daily rewards.

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Our Partnership Plans empower you to learn from the best, reach your potential and generate additional income along the way.

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