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The Web Hacking Applications Course


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The Web Hacking Applications Course


Start hacking web applications today in this complete video class covering tools you can use to advance your cyber security career online today!
Would you like to learn how to hack web applications in this course for beginners because this will help you level up your cyber security and ethical hacking career?
In this course you will learn:
• Web application hacking fundamentals

• HTML injection with Kali Linux

• Basics of burp and requests with Kali Linux

• Iframe injection with Kali Linux

• Remote commands injection with Kali Linux

• PHP arbitrary code injection with Kali Linux

• Broken authentication

• HeatBleed


• XSS - Stored - GET

• XSS - Reflected - POST

• XSS - Reflected - GET

• XSS - Json

• XSS - Ajax - Json

• Exploiting unencrypted communication with Bettercap

• Fundamentals of robots.txt file

• Arbitrary files upload

• Cross Site Request Forgery

• CSRF transfer hacking

• PHPinfo fundamentals

• Directory traversal with Kali Linux

• Fuzzing with OWASP Zap

• Cookie encoding fundamentals
This course was designed for total beginners and there is no particular knowledge requirement. Thank you for learning about the course and we hope you love it!

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