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Financial Modeling AND Valuation


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Financial Modeling AND Valuation


This course brings you the introduction to seemingly complex concepts of financial modeling and valuation.
Who Should Join this course?
Anyone interested in understanding the basics of trending business concepts. It’s a general introduction for everyone for overall business concepts.
After doing this short course, you will be able to talk confidently with anyone on concepts. It will also help you decide if you want to take a full course to learn the concepts.
Who this course is for:
• Budding Entrepreneurs
• Beginners to the financial modeling & Valuation who want to get a feeling of what it is.
• Emerging Finance & Non-Finance Leaders
Even without a finance background, you’ll find the course valuable because it takes you through the basics of accounting and financial statements analysis. You don't need to have prior finance knowledge to take this course.
Here’s What You Get in This Course:
Module 1 – Introduction to Financial Modeling
You will learn what financial modeling is, its advantages, and how financial models aid in decision making.
• What Is Financial Modeling
• Why do we build models?
• Who uses financial models?
• Different types of financial models
Module 2 –Overview of Accounting and Financial Statements
In this section, you'll learn about the different financial statements and how they can help paint a picture of a company's financial health.
• Types of Financial Statements
Module 3 – Introduction to Financial Analysis and Ratios
In this module, you’ll learn ratio analysis to interpret financial statements and assess the strengths and weaknesses of businesses. You will understand the basics of this powerful financial management and investment tool.
• Financial Statement Analysis (FSA) or Financial Analysis
• How to Analyze a Company's Financial Position
• Ratio analysis
• Advantages of Financial Statement Analysis
• Tools of Financial Analysis
Module 4 - Introduction to Valuation Methods
In this section, you will learn the following
• What is a valuation, and why we value companies?
• Key factors affecting the value of your business
• Difference Between book Value and Market Value
• What are the Main Valuation Methods?
Get real introduction course to Financial Modeling and Valuation Training.
Professionally-produced modules are engaging and, a comprehensive course guide to ensure you become highly proficient at financial modeling and valuation.

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