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Learn Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing


InstructorJoseph Keenan


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Learn Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing


Learn inevitable impacts AI will have in digital marketing!

If you want to be successful with digital marketing in the future you need to be aware of the impact that AI will have.

In this Course You will Learn:

• The real difference between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and why it is essential for you to know this for future digital marketing success

• Why one of the largest companies in the world has decided to put AI first and what this really means for digital marketers

• The essential changes that you need to make to ensure that you website is in line with the requirements of the world’s largest search engine

• What Big Data really is and why it is so important for digital marketers – get this wrong and you will definitely be left behind!

• Why it is critical that you understand Computer Vision and why it is going to have such a massive impact on the digital marketing landscape

• 4 essential steps that you must take to be more successful with Programmatic Advertising – ignore this and your online advertising efforts will be dead in the water!

• The impact that AI will have on autoresponders and email marketing – you must know this to ensure email marketing success

• How chatbots are revolutionizing digital marketing and how you can take advantage of this and be more successful online

• Why it is essential that you develop your AI skills and how you can easily do this using a technology that has been around for years!

• How you can future proof your digital marketing and the most important thing that you must do to stay ahead of the game!

• And so much more…

This Course Includes:

• 1hr HD Video Training

• High quality training guide. Pdf

• CheatSheet: It simplifies and effectively breaks down each and every aspect of the training for you into easy actionable steps. This help you quickly master the process.

• Mind Map: This mind map outlines everything you are going to be learning throughout this course. It'll show you the steps and make it easy to follow along with as you go through each part, in order to allow you absorb everything more smoothly.

• Resource Report: Here you will have access to a complete niche research report showing you the best tools, training, blogs, forums, and infographics.

•  Certificate of Completion

Who is this Course For:

• Digital Marketers

• Anyone who wants to understand AI and Machine learning

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