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Mind, Body & spirit


How much sense does it make to improve your mind but neglect your body and soul? Would you neglect to nurture your soul while maintaining your mental and physical health? Maintaining one part of the trilogy and not the other two can live you feeling empty and unfulfilled. In order to achieve your highest potential, it is necessary to nurture and invest in whole trilogy.

One of the first steps in doing this is by getting to know yourself. Who are you? What is your true and unique identity? Do you love yourself? What barriers do you face that prevent you from loving yourself? How can you overcome these obstacles? These are all crucial questions which you will learn to answer after taking this course. You will also learn about the importance of having core values and how you can discover your own.

Every single person is affected by mental health challenges at some point or another in their life. Mental health issues can be triggered by so many things including abuse and neglect. This is why you will learn what some of the mental health issues that you can be affected by are and what they can be triggered by. Cognitive behavioural therapy is another topic of discussion. What is it? How does it work and how can it be used to treat many mental health conditions. Stress reduction and relaxation techniques will also be taught.

An important part of the trilogy is maintaining good physical health. You will learn what the link is between your mental and physical health. An essential part of maintaining good physical health is maintaining a balanced diet. You will learn how you can maintain a healthy diet which provides you with all of your nutritional needs. The benefits of regular physical exercise will also be discussed.

Many times, you may seek a quick fix to the problems you may face but this doesn’t always work. You will learn about spiritual healing and how it benefits you. You will also study energy balancing techniques, meditation and its benefits and the importance of forgiveness.
Visualisation is another important topic which will be covered in this course. You will be taught how to use visualisation to manifest your dreams and aspirations as well as the important role gratitude plays.

You will also learn:

• How to gain a better understanding of yourself, your identity and your dreams 
• The importance of looking after your physical health through diet and exercise
• Common mental health issues and ways of dealing with them 
• How spiritual healing can help you and techniques to do this 
• The power of visualisation and how to use it to create your dream life 

Who is this Course for:

• Mental Health Professionals
• Mindfulness Teachers
• Anyone who wants to live a full life
• Spiritual seekers who wish to improve their quality of life

This Course includes:

• 1hr of interactive lecture on Mind, Body & Spirit
• Downloadable worksheet
• Downloadable daily affirmations
• Certificate of completion

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